Enable native call recording on SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 by changing the CSC region using SamKEY without rooting the phone

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After trying many call recording apps with unsatisfactory results, I have come to the conclusion that there are only 2 ways to record quality phone calls. Either root the phone or use somehow the native recording directly from the manufacturer. Due to the partial and incomplete information found variously on the internet, I decided to write a simple guide to enable native call recording on the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone by changing the CSC region. Most likely this tutorial works for other Samsung phones as well. I haven't tested it though. 

After changing CSC almost everything works normally, I didn't notice any major changes.

GooglePay works normally.

Galaxy Watch3 connected to Galaxy S22, Health monitor (ECG and pressure measurement) work normally.

SAMSUNG Members probably work normally, I haven't observed any change.

Samsung system updates - Working normally, phone updated to April 1, 2022 security version, call recording works normally.

What doesn't work:

SAMSUNG Free - but I don't use that, I use Google Discover.

SamsungPay - According to XDA and some information from the internet, SamsungPay doesn't work either (I haven't verified it), but that doesn't bother me because I use GooglePay.

Caller SPAM ID - supposedly doesn't work (I haven't verified it), I'll check in time. According to XDA, it is enough to replace it with Hiya or other app. 

Note: Changing the CSC should not factory reset the phone, so all data and settings will be preserved, just overwrite the CSC and load the services of the new CSC region after reboot. The phone will not be rooted either. This is how it worked for me.

It is possible to revert the original CSC settings, so should not be a breach of warranty. (I have not tested)


1. Enable developer options on your Galaxy S22

1) Go to Phone Settings.

2) Scroll down to About Phone.

3) Find Software Information.

4) Tap Build Number 7 times until you get a notification that you are a developer.

2. Enable USB debugging

1) Go to Phone Settings.

2) At the bottom, find Developer Options

3) Turn on USB Debugging

3. Download SamKEY CodeReader and SAMSUNG drivers

Download the latest version of SamKey and Samsung USB drivers from: https://www.samkey.org/. Install both on your PC. You will need one SamKEY credit to change the CSC (Region Code). The website www.samkey.org sells 15 credits for $45. Since we only need one credit for one change, you can buy 2 credits on EBAY for $12.65:


Wait for the email with the login to the credit. Mine arrived within 10 minutes.

4. Turn off the lock screen pin on your phone (I don't know if this step is necessary, but I did it just in case)

1) Go to Phone Settings

2) Select Lock screen

3) select Screen lock type

4) Select Swipe without security. This will remove the scanned biometrics, fingerprints, face and PIN. The phone can only be unlocked with a swipe. Also, all cards in GooglePay will be cancelled due to security. You can set up the biometric security and cards again by changing the CSC.

4. Change from CSC EUX to CSC SEK (Ukraine)

1) Temporarily disable antivirus (AVG blocked adb.exe for me)

2) Run SamKEY

3) Log in with the credit credentials sent by email.

4) Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable

5) Enable the connection to PC in the popups on the phone.

6) Verify that the connection is working with the Read info ADB command, if the phone information is displayed in the log window, the phone is ready for CSC change

Info before update:

Android version :12 Build date : Tue Mar 8 01:02:14 KST 2022

Country : CZECHO
Serial Number :
N/A Carrier : EUX

7) In the Change CSC (Buyer) field, type: SEK and click Change CSC. Confirm the pop-up window that you want to continue and the window with the information that the operation will cost 1 credit.

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8) In the log window you will see information about the current operation. When the operation is complete, the phone will automatically restart. The whole process, including rebooting the phone, takes about 40 seconds.

Info after update:

Build date : Tue Mar 8 01:02:14 KST 2022
Country : Ukraine
Serial Number : N/A
Carrier : SEK

After restarting your phone, you can start using native SAMSUNG call recording.

1) Launch the phone app

2) Tap the 3 dots on the top right and go to settings

3) Click on Record calls, here you can customize the recording settings.

Don't forget to set up your phone lock, biometrics and add cards to GooglePay.

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Note: Some laws require all participants in a call to give their permission to be recorded. You may not use the recording without the other person's consent except for your own use, and distribution is not permitted.

Sources of information:

and other ...

These instructions are provided entirely without warranty, at the user's own risk and the outcome is in no way guaranteed. It is only a description of the steps I followed.

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  • This worked perfectly for me... after I bought myself an SM-S908B/DS :-)


  • I disable pin/password on phone, Download a tools from samfw.com, usb debug, adb tab, change cdc into SEK... phone reboot and I can now have recordings of calls for free in 5 minute. Thanks for IDEA !

  • Javier Marín

    on September 21, 2022

    Thank You very much! That is exactly what I was looking for: native call recording!

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