How to add Telemetry data to Your GoPro Hero 7 Black footage

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Step 1

Download and install free software Dashware

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Step 2

Locate file GoProGPMF.xml on path
 c:\Program Files\DashWare\DataTool\DataProfiles\GoProGPMF.xml

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Rename GoProGPMF.xml to GoProGPMF.xml.bak

Step 3

Download file Hero7BlackGPMF.xml from

Copy file Hero7BlackGPMF.xml to directory:
c:\Program Files\DashWare\DataTool\DataProfiles

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Step 4

Run Dashware: File - Quick Project Creator - select Your MP4 footage (uncheck Copy file to project directory).

NOTE: Video must be originally recorded by the camera. If You use third-party software to cut, trim or edit footage, You lose the ability to add telemetry data to video.

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Step 5

Trim Your footage and organize default GoPro gauges.  I make them bigger because my source video is in 4K. Telemetry not working at this time

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Step 6

Add Input Settings on the right side - Data Files: plus (+)

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"Data logger file" select the same footage with telemetry data as in the project

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As the profiler data select GoPro.

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Press play and now You see all working gauges!

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Step 7

Export Your video.

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Software Dashware was bought by GoPro years back and hasn't been updated since 2015.

A much simpler solution (paid) is to use Telemetry overlay which is up to date, involves much less work and is overall a far superior software package:

GPS and metrics for GoPro, DJI, Insta360, Garmin, GPX...

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